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Why the teeth keepers at it: How you can get a little more health with your dental care

Tissues maintainers have become a staple of the dentist's office for years.They're a common sight in offices and hospitals, where they're needed to maintain the dental structure of the mouth and teeth while they're removed for surgeries.But what if your dentist doesn't have one?I don't want to keep losing teeth, I don't have a dentist, so what's the point?But that's

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How to Lose Weight

I used to think that if I had to lose weight, I would just go for a run.Now, I know I can't.And that's okay.I am so tired of being lazy.I'm not lazy.But I also know that if you're tired, you'll want to get up and do something.And what better way to get started than by cutting your weight?And the best

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