The National Weather Service says that there are now 8,700 jobs cut in the state of Ohio after Hurricane Irma.

According to The Associated Press, Ohio Gov.

John Kasich is leading efforts to save the state’s economy from the worst storm to hit Ohio in more than a century.

A few weeks ago, Kasich announced that his administration would seek $1 billion in additional funding to help rebuild the state.

This week, Kasich is pushing to extend a $1.1 billion extension to help pay for the $200 million state-funded rehabilitation of roads and bridges.

While the governor is touting the federal government’s assistance, the state has been left to the mercy of the federal Emergency Management Agency, which has had to make emergency decisions on how to handle the state during the storm.

The National Weather Services says that Hurricane Irma has damaged more than 3,500 bridges, roads, and other infrastructure in the region.

It has damaged power and communications systems in many communities and is estimated to have caused more than $60 billion in damages.

More than 3.3 million people have been without power in Ohio since the storm hit.

Many people are still without power despite a federal judge order that would give people power in their homes by mid-August.

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