An Irish woman who suffered a sore neck and neck pain from swallowing medication that she had been prescribed for a cold she had developed over a few weeks is now trying to keep it at bay by maintaining a clean home and eating healthier.

The 32-year-old, who asked not to be named, said she was suffering from severe neck pain after taking a tablet containing a nasal corticosteroid to reduce the symptoms of the cold.

“I’m really struggling to eat properly and drink water,” she said.

“The last thing I want to do is have an episode like this.

It’s really embarrassing to me.

So far I’ve had no side effects and have been able to go to the gym more. “

I’m not going to go back on the medication, because I feel that the side effects are not good enough to have the side effect.”

So far I’ve had no side effects and have been able to go to the gym more.

I feel much better than before.

“The woman’s husband and three children, who are aged eight, 12 and 16, were on holiday in the Dominican Republic when they received the prescription from her GP in July.

She said she had never experienced neck pain before and had not taken any medication for it.

The family had flown back to Dublin last month, and she said they were staying in their hotel room for the duration of the trip.”

They had just left the hotel and were about to go home when I started having neck pain,” she explained.”

As they were coming back from the hotel I noticed that I was having a really sore neck.

“We were worried about my neck, so I had my doctor look at it and we thought maybe I had something in my system and thought maybe it was just the medication.”

After taking a blood test, they discovered that it was a combination of the corticosterone tablets and the NSAIDs, known as beta blockers, which the family had taken to control symptoms.

“But then it just got worse and worse,” the woman said.

“It was really difficult to get up and walk because I had this sore neck.”

“I was thinking about how it was going to get worse and we had no choice but to call my GP.”

She checked it out and said that it’s probably the combination of all of the meds she had prescribed and the cortisone.

“The doctor gave her the choice of going to hospital for tests or staying at home with the sore neck, but the family decided to take her to hospital to have her symptoms checked out.”

She said the medics had been so supportive and understanding.””

The doctor told us that there was nothing wrong and they would do everything they could to make sure that the neck didn’t get worse.”

She said the medics had been so supportive and understanding.

“Our family was really shocked,” she told The Irish Sun.

“They were really encouraging and reassuring, saying, ‘This is not a problem’.”

The next day I got a letter from them saying that they were going to put a check on my condition.

“That’s when we started worrying.”

The GP’s office has been unable to provide any further information about the case and said it would be inappropriate to discuss the case.

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