Mercedes-Benz has launched a new battery which will give its new models a range of 300 miles and a maximum speed of over 200mph.

The new battery will be used in the new GLA Mercedes AMG GLC, GLC Coupe, AMG C Series, GLS AMG CLA and AMG WG.

It is a battery designed to be stored at the rear of the car and used in conjunction with the engine.

Mercedes-BMW says the battery is “a great opportunity for us to make the best possible battery”.

The new Mercedes-Borussia-Munich (BMW) battery will power the new BMW M5, which is due to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

The batteries, which are designed for the BMW M1, have a lithium-ion cell in place of lithium-polymer (LiPo) cells.

The BMW M6 has been designed to replace the existing battery.

The battery will also power the Mercedes-Maserati GLC.

In its first appearance in the UK, the new battery is set to go on sale later this year.

The first production cars to use the Mercedes battery will go on show at the New York Auto Show. 

It is a great opportunity to make this best possible lithium-ionic battery that can be stored behind the car.

Mercedes will have around 4,500 battery units in its fleet, with around 30,000 in Europe and around 7,000 units in the US.

Mercedes has been developing a range that will provide the range for all its cars and, according to a report in The Financial Times, it hopes to have 50% of its cars with lithium-air batteries by 2020.

The company is hoping to make a battery that will last for 150,000 kilometres, or a year. 

According to the Financial Times report, Mercedes is also aiming to produce lithium-naphthalene (LN) batteries, and has been testing them with some of its suppliers, including General Motors, Toyota and Mitsubishi. 

The batteries have been developed in Germany and have been produced in a factory in the city of Linz.

The report said Mercedes is confident that its new battery, which it calls the “Borangeri”, will prove its worth in the battery business. 

“This battery is a key factor for us,” said Mercedes-EMG’s Ralf Spieschmidt.

“The new battery in the GLC is a completely different battery.

It can store 100% of the energy that the battery needs, it can last up to 150,00 kilometres, and can provide power at the same time.

This is something we can’t do with the existing batteries.” 

“It is possible to use this battery to achieve this goal, because it has the advantage of a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) electrolyte.

With this new battery the energy density is greater than that of current lithium-oxygen batteries.””

Our new battery offers us an opportunity to achieve these goals for the GLS,” said Ralf Köhler, who is the head of Mercedes-Amerika’s battery business group. 

There are already plans to produce the new batteries at Mercedes-Amazons factory in Germany, but it is not clear when this will take place. 

While the battery has been developed for the Mercedes GLC and will be the main battery for the new models, Mercedes has also developed the new GLS batteries for the AMG CL, CL S, AMI CL and AMI CLA. 

For the new model year, Mercedes will also introduce the Mercedes AMI GLS, AMF AMI S, GLE AMI M, AMP AMI, GZAM AMI and GLE GL, which will combine the GEL and LUX battery technologies. 

In the US, Mercedes-based battery company Advanced Battery Technology will be producing the batteries for all the new AMG models, with production expected to begin in 2019. 

Batteries used to power the cars in the past have been expensive, but the new Mercedes batteries will be much cheaper. 

All AMG cars will be fitted with the new technology, and the new vehicles will have an energy density of 1,400Wh/km. 

BMW will be supplying the new lithium-nitride batteries for its GLC as well as the GLE GLS. 

German carmaker Mercedes will not produce the battery cells itself, but will supply the new cells to the manufacturer of the existing ones. 

Last year, BMW said it was working with Mercedes on a battery technology that could give the car an energy densities of 500Wh/kWh. 

This will be a significant advance for BMW, which has struggled to get its energy density up to the 1,200Wh/kg target set by the US government. 

Earlier this month, BMW also unveiled a

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