A recent study published in the journal Electromagnetic Health and Safety suggests that if you’re using a car battery, you may be able to protect it from damage from extreme temperature changes.

The study found that a car’s electrical systems could be vulnerable to overheating during periods of extreme cold, with the researchers comparing the temperature and the temperature rise with the battery’s performance.

They found that the battery would lose between 6% and 7% of its capacity during these cold-temperature extremes.

“We believe that this may be due to the effects of the extreme cold on the battery,” the researchers said.

“If the temperature changes were small enough to be measurable by an external device, then these fluctuations could be detected, and would be detected quickly.”

The temperature fluctuations could also be detected by the device itself, as this could result in thermal damage to the device.

The researchers have now added their findings to a growing body of research showing that car batteries could be susceptible to overheated conditions. “

We hypothesised that if the temperature is low enough to cause the battery to lose power, then this could be the cause of the battery overheating,” they said.

The researchers have now added their findings to a growing body of research showing that car batteries could be susceptible to overheated conditions.

A number of studies have been published over the last few years showing that high temperatures can damage the batteries of cars, with one study showing that a Volvo XC90 battery could overheat and die in a single day.

The research, published in EMHSA, looked at two different kinds of vehicles, a Nissan Leaf and a Porsche Cayenne.

The researchers compared the battery performance of the two vehicles to a baseline battery that was in the same condition and the conditions under which they were tested.

They found that in the extreme conditions, the Nissan Leaf’s battery suffered significantly less damage than the Porsche Cayne.

In the case of the Porsche, the difference was much more pronounced.

According to the researchers, “the Tesla battery is rated to last around 1,200km, which is about half the duration of a typical highway trip, and the battery of the Tesla lasts more than twice as long.”

They also noted that the Nissan’s battery lasted longer than the Tesla, and that “the battery could last over three days on average.”

The researchers then looked at how the battery performed in the conditions they considered to be the ideal range for the car.

They found the Nissan could only survive for around three days at best.

In the Porsche they were able to survive for four days at the most.

When the Nissan battery was tested at temperatures ranging from 40C to 120C, it lost about 5%.

The Tesla could survive for only around six days.

While the Nissan is a relatively cheap car, the Porsche has a much more expensive car, and is the most expensive in the world.

The Nissan’s performance was slightly better than that of the Ferrari 458 Spider, with a score of 79 in the EVE test.

However, the Tesla’s score was less than the Nissan.

As such, the authors of the study suggest that if a car is only going to last a few hours, then the battery can survive for a very short time.

The car batteries that were tested in the study were rated to be good for 30,000km on a single charge, which equates to about 8,000 miles of driving.

This compares with the Nissan Model S’s battery life of about 10,000 kilometres, and a range of over 15,000.

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