By maintaining boundaries in jewellery and keeping an eye out for new security measures, an old man can be sure that he won’t fall victim to thieves.

Kunal Thakkar, a retired industrialist, owns a jewellery store in Chennai’s Gaddeep Nagar area and has owned the business since 2004.

He said that the latest security measures in the area have reduced his loss by about 10 per cent.

He said that security measures include security cameras in the store, CCTV cameras outside the shop, and a metal detector.

He added that he has also installed a video surveillance system in the shop.

“Security cameras and CCTV cameras have been installed and are being monitored at all times,” he said.

Thakkar said that he also had security cameras installed outside the store and that they have been monitored at regular intervals.

“The jewellery shop is in good shape, and the security cameras have kept a lookout for the thieves.

It is just a matter of time before thieves find out about the shop and steal the jewellery,” he added.

Thakskar said he does not plan to stop selling jewellery as long as it is kept in a safe and secure environment.

“It is good to keep jewellery in a secure place and secure in the eyes of others, and there is no need for people to worry about the theft of jewellies.

But, if a thief does find out, he should be arrested and the stolen jewellery returned,” he advised.

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