I’m gonna be honest here: I don’t know a lot of songs on Oulu maintain.

I’ve only heard the songs that I’ve heard.

Some of the songs I’ve seen are pretty popular, but they’re only a couple of hundred hits, so I don�t know if it�s that or if there�s something I�m missing.

But I have some of the tracks that I like, which is nice.

I like some of these songs, I like a lot.

I�ve been listening to a lot, too.

When I heard this song from a friend, I was like, Oh, that�s great, that is really good.

That�s really nice.

That is the song that I really like, too, and I know that this is my favorite song on Oulus.

When you listen to that, you hear the voice.

That voice is really great.

There�s some great vocals.

I think that�ll be good for the fans.

I really appreciate that.

They are really into the music.

When the song comes on and you hear that voice, it�ll really give it a little more personality.

I have a lot to do with the production on this record, too; it�ve really been about the voice on the record.

I just feel like I�ll take a lot from the voices on this album.

I guess you could say that, too!

[laughs] I love the vocals.

[laughs) The vocals are really good, too: they have that kind of tone that�re really good on the album.

That sounds really good in a lot the tracks.

That would be a good thing for a song to sound good, right?

If you want to sound cool, the voice has to be cool.

I love that!

I�d like to use that voice for some songs.

It�s definitely a lot better than some of my voice. I don��t think the other songs on the project have that much voice.

There is definitely a ton of voice.

So, yeah, I think it�re a great album.

It has the sound that I think is really, really good and really good to me.

It sounds like you�re in a world that has been created and it has been put together, and it looks like it�m a lot different than the world that you were in in when you first recorded the record, right, you?

I think I like it better now than when I first started.

I also think it is a lot more polished, I guess, because it is really done for me.

I feel like it has a lot less tricks, too — I think there is a little bit more polish.

I am not sure if it is because I have been doing a lot and recording a lot or if I am just really used to the things that I do on this project, but it does sound really good for me, so that�, you know, I do think it has more of a polish that it used to, and that is just what I like.

The songs are all really good: they all sound good together.

I would say that the vocals are definitely the ones that I am most into, because I�re not really a singer, and then the bass is pretty good, as well.

The other tracks are pretty good as well: it�l all just good.

I did a couple songs with this guy, and he is a really nice dude, too and I like him, too because he is so good at what he does.

I know what he sounds like, so it�d be cool to record with him.

[laughter] He also makes a really great record.

He makes a good record.

The bass, he has a really good bass.

It is very well put together.

He is just a really talented bass player, so, yeah.

I was really impressed by that.

I mean, this guy really knows how to play the bass, so he knows how good he is, too as far as what he is doing.

The drums are very good, either on the whole album or on this one.

I didn�t get the sense that this one was supposed to be good, so if you listen, it is good.

The vocals on this are really strong and they are very nice, too for me; I really think they are just really good vocals.

The production is very good on this; I mean it really is good and I�vent heard any good production on Oul maintain in a while, but I think the production is good on all the tracks, so they all look good and sound good. It doesn�t matter if I have to listen to a couple tracks that are good to get to know them.

I will just listen to all of the stuff.

I do not really want to listen too much to the tracks I do like, but the songs are good, and

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