A signal maintainr has to maintain the trains and the train cars to the best of his or her ability.

However, this task has its challenges. 

If the train is in bad condition, or the train car is stuck in traffic, the signal maintainrs have to find a way to get the train to the destination.

But in most cases, the train operator will not accept the train that has no other options, because the train driver will not take it. 

Therefore, the maintainer must do everything to avoid the train and to ensure that the train reaches the destination safely. 

Here are some tips that should be followed while maintaining trains. 

Avoid the train at all costs.

The train is the only one that is able to go ahead with the driver to the other side of the city.

The operator will never accept a train that is unable to make a direct connection with his destination. 

The train will be in bad shape.

In some instances, the track, the engine, and the other parts of the train will all be in poor condition.

Train accidents are common and can take many lives.

The track of the trackless train will have to be repaired or repaired in the first instance.

If the train has a mechanical problem, the operator will have no choice but to take the train from the spot where the problem is. 

 Don’t be afraid of the conductor.

He has a great responsibility for the train.

The conductor has to take care of the entire train in order to ensure the safe running of the trains.

The person who has to do this will be the most vulnerable. 

Keep your distance from the driver.

The driver will never give a signal that does not go straight to the driver, which means that the driver will always get stuck in a traffic jam.

If he can get away, he can easily get the signal. 

Don`t expect the conductor to do everything for you.

The maintenance of the signals and the signal drivers are a lot of work and a lot can happen during a train journey.

The most important thing is to make sure that you get the trains running properly, that the trains are kept in a safe condition, and that the signals are kept clear. 

Be patient.

The drivers have a lot to do during the journey, and if they don`t show any interest in the job, you should not expect them to take it seriously.

The next time you are driving in Delhi, remember to give the driver the courtesy he deserves. 

Never give up.

The job of the signal keepers will always remain in your heart.

Train maintenance is the most challenging task in the life of a train driver.

Train drivers are not only the best operators, they are also the most dedicated and caring of all drivers.

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