A new kind of device that uses your smartphone or computer to track your every move is designed to make burglars more cautious.

But it also might help store owners protect their valuable merchandise.

According to a new report, the new “walk on a thinner ice” system is being developed by the company known as SBI Holdings.

It works by tracking your phone’s GPS location, which the company can then use to set alarms to prevent people from accessing your inventory.SBI Holdings, a digital security company, recently purchased a $3 million stake in WalMart Stores Inc. to develop the new system, called “SmartStash.”

According to the report, SmartStash can detect when someone has installed the new tracking device on their phone, and automatically turns off the alarm if it is enabled.

In the event of an alert, a smartphone app displays a message to the user stating that the alert was received, and the app can be closed to prevent unauthorized access to your inventory, the report said.

The system is currently in beta testing at WalMart stores in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas and Utah.

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