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The flu is coming in waves and there are so many new strains of the virus in the air that people might need to be prepared.

But what you can do to keep yourself healthy and stay well is to:a.

Know the flu symptoms.

Symptoms include fever, cough, and sore throat.b.

Keep the flu to yourself, unless you are worried about spreading it.

The CDC advises people to:c.

If you are experiencing symptoms, contact a doctor immediately.

Do not share your symptoms with others.d.

Stay at home if you are ill, even if you have the flu.

Your symptoms may persist for longer if you do not seek medical attention.e.

Avoid wearing masks, even in the heat of the moment.

You can still get the flu if you breathe in any of the four strains: H1N1, H3N2, H1V1, or H1P1.f.

Avoid using any disinfectant if you can avoid it, or if it is unsafe to do so.g.

Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol, unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid spreading the virus.h.

Avoid eating food that is not well cooked, cooked on the stovetop, or left out for long periods of time.i.

Make sure you wash your hands and surfaces regularly, especially after using the toilet or dressing rooms.j.

Avoid touching hands with other people or objects, even with their clothes on.k.

If it’s really hot outside, wear comfortable clothes.

Lined-up clothes or long sleeves will not be safe.m.

Avoid putting any kind of sharp object in your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Use mouthwash instead.n.

Avoid coughing and sneezing for at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking.

You might feel sicker if you cough and sneeze more than an hour after eating, drinking, or showering.


Avoid getting into traffic or on public transportation.

If possible, get away from people, especially children.


If the symptoms appear suddenly, take a few minutes to let your body settle.

Then, if you feel better, you can resume activities.

If symptoms start to worsen, seek medical help immediately.


Is there a specific vaccine or antiviral treatment that I should be taking?


The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the following vaccines for adults and children.1.

Acellular pertussis vaccine.

This vaccine is the most widely used and is the first vaccine to be given in the US.

It protects against pertussism and is given in two doses, once every two weeks.2.

AIPV (all three) vaccine.

The AIP, or Acute Immunization Program, vaccine provides a one-time shot of the same vaccine that protects against three different strains of pertussus: H3, H2, and H1.

In addition to protecting against the H1 strain, the vaccine protects against the different strains that cause the H3 and H2 strains.

A vaccine can be given by a licensed doctor or pharmacist for $25 a dose.

It is usually given before or after meals.

The vaccine is available in three types: the two-dose, two-bag vaccine, and the two injection bottles.

The AIP vaccine is offered by:1.

The Centers for Diseases Control and the Prevention, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Atlanta, Georgia, and2.

the CDC.3.

the University of Texas, Dallas.4.


Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi, Paris, France.

The vaccine is also offered by Pfizer.6.

Gardasil, GSK, Geneva, Switzerland.7.

Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.8.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service, NHS, London, United Kingdom.9.

UK-based vaccination service NHS Vaccine, NHS Vaccines, London UK, United States.10.

British-based vaccine service Vaccine Express, Vaccine Exits, London England, United UK.11.

All-natural products like coconut oil and green tea extracts, herbal teas, and herbal supplements are also available.12.

Vaccines are not available in the United States, but you can get them from a variety of sources.

You may need to get vaccinated by a doctor if you need to travel or live in areas where you are not able to get the vaccine.13.

You will need to buy your own vaccine and take it with you on your trip.

You should bring a travel vaccination kit.

The kit will include a syringe, a syringes, a nasal spray bottle, a vaccination container, and an injection device.

You also need to bring a receipt and some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to prove you have gotten the vaccine and are safe to return home

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