A few weeks ago, the health care team at my dental practice had a conversation about our patients.

I didn’t know they were all young adults with families.

They were all women.

One of them told me, “I’m a nurse.

I care about people’s teeth.”

She said, “It’s the only time I can take care of my teeth.”

I was stunned.

I wanted to tell her that I didn-t know.

I just didn’t have a clue.

So I thought about her.

I thought, What is it about her?

What is the connection between this woman and me?

What does she know about me that I don’t know?

That was my first instinct.

But when I asked her, I got the same answer: she didn’t really know anything about me.

And then, after that, I asked, “What is it that she does know about you?”

And she told me she’s a nurse who works in the dental department.

“And she’s caring for me.”

But I had no idea what that meant.

What was it that I knew about her that she didn?

The nurse told me that she cares for her patients and they’re her patients.

She’s her patient.

And she cares about her patients, so I knew that’s what I was getting.

The relationship between a nurse and a patient is so complex and so deep that it is very hard to imagine it.

It’s not the same as the relationship between the patient and the dentist.

If a nurse doesn’t care about her patient, she can’t care for her.

And that’s because we’re all connected, and the relationship is one of mutual respect.

When you care for your patients, you have to respect them.

You have to be able to have trust in them.

And the relationship you have with a patient has to be one of care and respect, and that’s really important.

But, in order to be a nurse, you also have to love and care about yourself.

And if you can’t, it’s very hard.

When we work together, we can build a healthy and trusting relationship.

And this is what makes nurses so good at it.

When I work with patients, I’m not going to ask them how they feel about their teeth, or their lip-smacking, or what their expectations are for their teeth.

It can be a little scary, because I know they might think I’m going to hurt them.

I can tell them, I don-t care, and I won’t touch them.

But I have to trust them.

So the first step is that I want to see them smile and be happy, because it’s a good indicator of how much you care about them.

If they smile and are happy, that tells me that they care about their patients, and if they smile when I’m on the phone, that’s a sign that they’re comfortable with my care and care of their patients.

And they know that I’m always going to be there for them.

That’s how you build trust.

I also have a tendency to give them a little push and a little shove.

I like to push, to tell them that they need to work harder, that I love them, that they’ve got a wonderful future, and they should do whatever it takes to keep their teeth healthy.

When they feel they need more pressure, that is a sign of trust and of respect, because they know I love and respect them, and it’s just my way of telling them, you need to be better.

And I’ve found that if I can’t be there, they will get frustrated and frustrated.

They won’t know how to work with me, and there’s nothing I can do.

So what I love about working with patients is that you don’t have to ask too many questions.

I’m patient, but I have no problem with asking questions.

If I want something, I can ask.

I want you to know that if you don�t like something, don�’t ask.

So if you want to do something, you don-tu want to get upset, right?

You don’t want to make me angry, right?!

But I also want to help.

I think you have the power to be in charge of your health and to care about your patients.

If you’re not in charge, you’re going to take a lot of time and effort and stress out of your life.

And you’ll end up doing things that you didn’t even think you could do, like driving your car.

Or eating unhealthy, or doing things you didn�t even know you could, like shopping on the Internet.

Or going to the gym.

Or taking your kids to the movies.

Or, for that matter, watching TV.

And it can get a little lonely sometimes, and you just don’t feel the

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