How to use Google Drive for syncing photos, documents and videos from Google Drive to your Android device.

Here’s how to install the Google Sync app on your Android phone:1.

Launch Google Drive on your device.2.

Click “Sync” button.3.

Tap “New” button on the top-right corner.4.

Tap the “+” icon next to the “File” section to add a new file.5.

Click the “+ Add” button to add the file.6.

Tap + Sync button.7.

You can also add your contacts by tapping the “Add” button from the top of the screen and then tapping on their name.8.

If your phone has more than 100 contacts, you can use Google Search to search for them.9.

You’ll see the Google Docs sync dialog, where you can tap “Add a document” to add it to your Google Drive account.10.

If you’re on a device that supports Google Drive syncing, you’ll see a button to “Add an image to a document.”

Tap “Add.”

You can add up to 20 photos to your document by tapping on the “+Add” icon in the top right corner.

To sync to a Google Drive backup device, you must follow the instructions in the guide to create a backup of a Google Doc.

The backup you create is kept in the cloud, so it will be accessible on any Android device, regardless of the device model.

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