In a Reddit thread titled “Which is better: your own teeth OR an electric dentistry?”, user moe_kotaku suggested that the former was the better choice.

He said: “I’m a regular user of electric toothbrushes.

I have been using one for about a year now and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

It has worked really well for me and the maintenance is really good.

I am not really sure why it’s not better.

The battery lasts a while.

I do not have any issues with water or the brush but I am getting older and my teeth are getting thinner.

I like the idea of having a brush that I can always come back to and use again.”

Redditor kikoratas, on the other hand, felt that the latter was better: “Electric toothbrushing is a great way to keep your teeth healthy.

I don’t have any issue with water and the brushes last a long time.

I can just pop in the toothbrush, brush in the gel, and go about my day.

The bristles are comfortable and are easy to clean.”

Both users agree that the bristles on the electric toothgrills are better than the ones on the gas ones.

But they also agree that electric toothbladers can also be more expensive than regular ones.

Kikorats comments: “The batteries are a little thicker than regular toothbrands.

That makes the electric brushes feel a little bigger than a regular toothbrush.

But the electric brush can last a lifetime and are a lot cheaper.””

The bristles of electric brushes are more comfortable than regular brushes.

It feels a lot more like a normal toothbrush than a gas one.”

If you prefer the brush over the gel in a regular setting, you can buy an electric brush here .

But if you prefer an electric dentalbrush, you’ll need to choose between one or two of them.

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