A fire truck that lost its bid to retain fire trucks from rival maintenance companies will have to start from scratch, fire officials said Tuesday.

The National Fire Protection Association said a judge issued an order Wednesday to ensure a winner is identified by Nov. 5, and a deadline for that to be reached by Nov 14.

The NAPA, which represents fire trucks, has been involved in a dispute with maintenance companies that have tried to use fire trucks to compete against each other in recent years.

In its ruling, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia said that the NAPA had failed to identify a potential winner in the fire truck contest.

The NA.PA said in a statement that the judge’s order is the latest in a series of attempts to shut down competition that have resulted in a lack of competition and have resulted only in the continued loss of fire-fighting equipment.

The association said the NA.PFA had requested that the court “make a final determination as to whether the NAPFA is in violation of the Federal Fire Safety Act.”

In its filing, the NA,PA said the order “would have the effect of closing down the competition to ensure that no one would be able to win in the next round of the competition.”

“In the event that the National Fire Insurance Association were to challenge this order, the courts would then have the opportunity to resolve the dispute as expeditiously as possible,” the NA statement said.

“The NAPPA is not asking the court to stop competition, it is asking the courts to ensure competition in the upcoming competition.”

The NA,PFA said in its statement that it was not seeking a final decision and was looking for a settlement agreement with the NA and its competitors.

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