The average smartphone user spends over 8 hours per day on apps, and the majority of that time is spent running apps.

Apps like Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Spotify, and others take up a lot of your battery, and that’s not even counting the time spent on browsing the web or watching TV.

While the battery life of smartphones and tablets are always a topic of discussion, a recent study found that users tend to forget how much battery they actually have on them.

A study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that only about 4 percent of users had a usable battery capacity.

A more recent study published by the journal Cell found that about 3 percent of battery-wasting devices have been found to have less than 10 percent capacity.

These devices have become a problem for the average smartphone owner.

In fact, a new study published last week found that nearly half of smartphone owners have one or more battery-hungry devices in their home.

That makes a lot more sense when you consider the fact that the average consumer is still spending an average of 1.6 hours per week using their smartphone.

In other words, you’ll likely spend about 7 hours per night sitting at your desk or working on your laptop.

The average American spends about 30 minutes per day playing games, surfing the web, watching television, and other social media.

According to data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics, about 20 percent of Americans use an iPhone, which is a huge increase from 5 percent in the early 2000s.

According to the study, about one in three Americans use their smartphone for social media while spending an additional 15 minutes per week online.

The average American uses about a third of their battery every day, and they spend over an hour per day with their phone.

The study also found that an average user spends roughly five hours per month playing games on their smartphone, and nearly 10 hours per year surfing the internet on their phone, all without ever needing to plug in their battery.

The data collected from these two studies suggests that smartphone owners tend to spend an average 30 minutes a day using their phones, and even that’s less than the average American.

A recent study by a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin revealed that nearly one-third of smartphone users don’t even know that they have an iPhone.

So, why do smartphone owners spend so much time with their phones?

There are several possible reasons for that.

First, smartphone owners are typically looking to maximize battery life for their devices.

As a result, they often spend time on social media, browsing the internet, and playing video games.

Second, smartphone users are spending more time on their phones to optimize their device performance.

They spend less time in the office and work, and more time outside of the office.

Third, smartphone and tablet owners are spending a lot on accessories and other accessories, which often includes batteries.

While these accessories are not necessarily battery-free, it’s clear that smartphone and iPad users spend an excessive amount of time on these accessories.

It’s possible that these accessories can actually have negative impacts on the battery as well.

For example, one study published earlier this year found that many smartphone owners use chargers that are designed for use with smartphones, while some users prefer to use batteries with larger battery capacity that can be used with more powerful smartphones.

While battery capacity is always a concern for smartphone users, the fact remains that battery capacity can be increased with accessories.

So what can smartphone owners do to optimize battery life?

It can be tricky to figure out exactly how much time smartphone owners need to spend with their devices, because there are many factors to consider when it comes to smartphone and battery life.

The bottom line is that, with the right accessories, smartphone or tablet owners can improve their battery life while minimizing the amount of battery they use.

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