It’s not a surprise that iPhones are getting bigger, but the fact that many of them are being upgraded at the same time is a bit confusing.

We know the iPhone 5s, 6s and 6s Plus have a much smaller bezel than the iPhone 6s.

And while Apple has a history of updating its devices over time, the iPhone 7 has had a new design for a year and a half now.

How to upgrade your iPhone?

Here are our picks for the best ways to upgrade the iPhone, including the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a new iPhone model and more.1.

Apple iPhone 7+ (2017) If you’re looking for the next-gen iPhone, this iPhone 7 will likely get you a few things in 2017: A new design, a bigger screen, faster processor and more RAM.

You’ll also get a lot of storage on this phone, up from 8GB on the 5s and 5s Plus, and up from 128GB on this year’s models.

The only other upgrade you’ll get to is an upgrade to iOS 11.

Apple has also added a camera app to the iPhone and redesigned its home button.


iPhone 7 (2017, iPhone 7s) Apple has made a big deal about the iPhone’s battery life, but it’s the new battery-life improvements that will make the biggest difference.

A new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus battery will last 10% longer than the 5 and 5 Plus, which means you’ll have more time to use the phone, too.

The iPhone 7 also has better camera features, too, like f/1.8 aperture and Apple’s new “lens-free” effect, which uses the sensor to create a blur that makes it easier to see objects.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is more battery-efficient than its predecessor.

The battery of the new phone is 4% smaller, meaning the phone can be used for a day longer and can power up for about the same amount of time as the iPhone 8.3.

iPhone 8 Plus (2017 and iPhone X) The iPhone X comes with a better camera, too: It’s the best camera phone for the price, too — it shoots 4K video, has the fastest processor, more RAM and can do more multitasking.4.

iPhone X (2017 & iPhone 8) It’s not easy to upgrade from an iPhone to an iPhone X, but we’ve seen many people do it in the past.

Here’s what you need to know about upgrading to an upgrade iPhone X:1.

iPhone upgrade guide: How much will you pay?

The iPhone upgrade process isn’t always straightforward.

There’s the usual paperwork and paperwork-related problems, but also things like AppleCare+ and an online help center.

If you’re planning on going that route, it’s worth taking a look at our iPhone Upgrade Guide to make sure you get everything right.2.

How much is the iPhone upgrade?

If the iPhone you’re getting from Apple isn’t a new model, the company’s website says you can expect a price tag around $200 for a 64GB iPhone X and $350 for a 128GB iPhone.

For a larger model like the iPhone X Plus, you’ll likely have to pay more.


How long will the iPhone iPhone upgrade take?

Apple’s upgrade process starts with the phone’s serial number.

If it’s newer than the last iPhone model, Apple will take a snapshot of the phone and send you an email to confirm it’s up to date.

If the phone is older than the current model, it’ll need to be sent back to Apple to get a new serial number, which is the same process as with every other model.

If it’s not up to the latest iPhone, you can still use the old serial number to get your phone repaired.


How do I know if the phone I’m buying is up to code?

The phone is registered to your Apple ID, so you’ll be able to see it’s registered to the correct Apple ID. iPhone 7 Plus owners should also be able in the next two weeks to get their new iPhone in the mail.

That’s because Apple has started sending out new iPhone serial numbers that you’ll need in order to get them registered to you.5.

Which phones are eligible for the iPhone Upgrade Program?

Apple is rolling out the program to the older iPhone models starting this fall.

That means if you bought an iPhone 5 or 5s last year and you want to upgrade to a new one, you need an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus.


How old is my phone?

It doesn’t matter how old your iPhone is, if you don’t upgrade it, Apple says it will give you a replacement.


What is the AppleCare+, AppleCare Pro,

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