The maintenance of Simon’s house is managed by two people, one from Simon’s side and one from his neighbour’s side.

One of them works in the kitchen and one in the lounge, both of them with a passion for cleaning and maintenance.

Simon said he started his business after his wife died.

“I decided to get involved after she died.

I felt I had to make money.

I wanted to make a living.”

He started out by working at a bar and then a restaurant.

He had a few customers and he liked it.

But he didn’t make much money.

He thought it was a waste of money to continue to do this, but he didn´t know any other way to make extra money.

So he started charging a fee for the services he provides, including cleaning the floors.

He was able to charge a few hundred rupees for this, and it made him feel very happy.

“In the end, I was doing around 50-100 rupees a day, and the money I made was enough to buy food and fuel,” he said.

Simon also started to do the same at home.

After his wife’s death, he started cleaning the house.

Simon said he would spend the time cleaning the walls and floors, then take the cleaning to his neighbours.

He would ask them to take their clothes out of the house, clean the carpets and take the laundry.

He said he was very happy with this.

“The neighbours would come and take their shoes and make them clean the walls.

It made me feel very good,” he added.

Simon started doing cleaning jobs after his mother died in a car accident.

“My mother died at the age of 44 and she had many health problems.

So she was in pain and she died in my car.

My family had to take care of her and I was not able to help her.”

Simon said that his wife was in great pain when she died and he wanted to do something for her, but she died soon after that.

He decided to go to the doctors to find out what was wrong with her.

He also asked them to perform a necropsy.

The doctors didn’t know what was happening, but they said that she had a brain tumour.

“She had a massive brain tumours in the brain,” Simon said.

“But the doctors said that it was very rare and very dangerous to treat her.

She had been on an antipsychotic drug for the last six years.”

Simon and his wife have a son and two daughters, and he has three grandchildren.

He hopes to take on the family business and start a new family.

Simon is currently making money as a cleaning and security contractor.

But his main focus is on his family business, which he runs on a shoestring.

He spends a lot of time cleaning.

He does the same things every day, like washing the clothes and making sure the house is tidy.

Simon feels that the work he does is very important to him.

He says, “I don´t like to take a salary from anybody and I don´te do any jobs for free.”

He is very busy, but also has to be careful.

He is not allowed to work alone.

“For example, I can’t take the kids to the playground, because it is not my business.

If they want to go, they need to do a task for me.”

Simon and his partner work very closely, so he is very careful.

“We don´ve always been on the same page.

I think the two of us can get along very well,” he continued.

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