In the last three months, we’ve seen an explosion of smartphones that don’t come with built-in batteries.

They don’t have built-ins for the iPhone, either.

So why does Apple make phones that can’t be used with iPhones?

In a statement, Apple said that “our goal is to make your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and all other iOS devices work together seamlessly and seamlessly, while allowing you to enjoy all the great features and apps that Apple has to offer.

And for those that want to be able to get all the features that we have to offer on those devices, we’re making the update to the OS for those devices available today, March 31, 2017.”

But Apple has also said that this “feature update” will only work for iPhone 7 and later models, which are all compatible with the latest version of the iPhone.

In other words, the feature update will only be available to iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus users.

The iPhone 7 Plus can’t get the feature upgrade.

So if you’re on an iPhone 7 or later model, you can’t use it with an iPhone 8.

But if you use a compatible Apple Watch, you’ll be able use your iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple says the new feature will allow “many new features” for the future.

Apple says the update will “support the following features: Siri on the iPhone” and “iPhone Auto.”

This means that Siri on an Apple Watch will also work on an iOS device.

This is good news for Apple Watch owners, because they’re getting more powerful Siri and the ability to customize the Siri voice command.

But you’re still stuck with the annoying Siri on your iPhone.

Apple also says that the “new features” include “better integration with Apple Pay,” “better support for Apple Pay cards” and an “improved experience for people who need to buy and use the same Apple Pay card multiple times.”

So this feature update could also help you buy a new Apple Watch and then pay for it again.

But this feature will only help your iPhone 7+ users who have the latest iOS update.

Apple is saying that “many customers” of iPhone 7 owners won’t get this update.

So if you already have an iPhone with the newest iOS update, you may not be able get the new features.

So for now, this is Apple’s official position on this feature upgrade: “The new feature update is available for all iPhone models, including the iPhone 7,” Apple says.

“We will continue to support customers with existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices who are using the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.”

It’s unclear how much of a “few” customers are affected by this feature, but the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus owners who aren’t getting this update will still get the old-school Siri.

But Apple says that “some people” will still be able continue to use Siri on older iPhones, even if they’re not getting the update.

“There is no technical reason for any of our customers who have iPhones older than iPhone 6 to not be receiving this update,” Apple said.

Apple has not released a date for when this feature release will end, but it should come as no surprise.

Apple hasn’t released a statement on the matter since last summer.

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