The life of Jesus of Nazareth was filled with mystery, passion and tragedy.

But the stories of his life are often misunderstood, so here are 10 things you need to know about the Jesus of the gospels.


His father, Joseph, was a prostitute When Jesus had been born, his mother, Mary, had been a prostitute.

He told his mother that he would have been a good man, if he had not been sold into slavery.


He never took a wife After his mother’s death, he married his uncle, the blind man Salome, and lived with her until his death.

He gave up his wife and had no children.


He was raised by his mother He was born at Nazareth, where he was taken from the tomb and raised by the disciples.

He grew up to be a man.

He lived at Jerusalem, but was never able to live there as Jesus was, and so returned to Nazareth to spend the rest of his earthly life there.


He left his mother at a young age to spend time with a rich widow named Mary Magdalene When he was seven years old, Jesus and Mary Magdala became a couple.

Mary Magda became the mother of Jesus’ first wife, Martha.

They lived together for six years.


He had a long relationship with his mother Martha and was never married to her Martha became pregnant with Jesus’ second wife, Mary.

When Jesus became a man, he remarried her, and they had three children: Martha, James and John.


He divorced Mary Martha’s children were James and his brother, James.

Mary and Jesus divorced.


He married his mother again Mary was pregnant with his third and final child, Jesus.

When Mary was nine months pregnant, she gave birth to Jesus.

He died three days later.


He is the author of a number of books about his life.

The first book, the Gospel of John, is the story of Jesus.

It tells the story from his earliest years to his death, when he was in the cave of Gethsemane.

He then tells the rest from his childhood to his baptism at Calvary.


He wrote several stories about his early life The first two books in the Gospel are called Matthew and Mark.

These stories tell the life of the Jesus who was born in Nazareth and who was raised in Galilee.


He taught Jesus to pray for his followers and to help those who were in danger Jesus prayed for the people of Israel and for those in danger.

He would help them if they needed it. 11.

He became a teacher Jesus was raised as a teacher in the temple at Jerusalem and was given many different assignments.

He did not become a priest or a bishop until a few years after he died.


He has two wives, Mary and Martha He married Mary Magdera, the widow of the blind woman Salome.

Mary died in a cave in Galile.

Jesus remarries Mary’s daughter, Martha, in the Bethlehem area of Judea.

They have two children: Jesus and his daughter, Mary Magdelene.


He got his nickname “The Good Samaritan” Jesus was called “The Samaritan”, because he was an angel who came to help the people in need.


He said Jesus never died The Gospel of Mark says Jesus never actually died, but only went into the cave.

But some scholars argue that it is an error to say that Jesus never went into that cave.


He called his first wife Martha Martha’s mother Jesus called his mother his “second wife”.

Mary was his first and second wife.

He took his last name from Martha.


He suffered from diabetes He had diabetes.

He developed anemia.

He passed away on December 31, 30 A.D. After Jesus died, he suffered from the same illness that has afflicted him ever since.

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