HBO’s “Game of Throne” actor, Peter Dinklage, has faced some criticism for his role in the upcoming HBO TV series.

While Dinklas’ “rebellion” is a very realistic portrayal of the character, his support of Donald Trump is not.

In a recent interview with Variety, Dinkla is asked about how he feels about his character’s support of the President.

When asked if he felt he was doing a good job of representing him, Dinks answers, “I do.

I think it was very nice.

I thought it was interesting.

I also think it helped.

Because I think that’s a very important part of being an actor, to portray a character who is completely different from the public.

And that’s what I was trying to do with my character.

And I think I did a really good job.”

Dinklas, who plays the King, is also in “The Crown,” a drama about the rise and fall of Queen Elizabeth II that HBO has also released.

While the show has had some strong female leads, including Gemma Arterton, Danko Kastan, and Lucy Hale, it has yet to star a woman.

Dinkla, however, did have his moments of controversy during his tenure on “Game.”

While promoting “The Queen,” Dinkalas first tweet was a series of racist and homophobic comments that were then deleted.

“If you were black, would you still be tweeting racist and hateful things about white people,” he tweeted in October 2016.

The tweet was soon deleted and was replaced with a series the following day.

“I just think, if you’re going to tweet something like that, you’re doing it for a different reason than if you were a white person,” Dankla said.

“Because it’s a way to get attention.

And you can’t get a lot of attention if you aren’t a good white person.

And if you think that you can just put your hand up and take some attention away from the black people, then you are doing it wrong.”

Dinks support for the President is also not the only issue he’s had with his HBO character.

During an interview with ABC News, Dunkla admitted he had a “bit of an attitude problem” during his time on “The Game.”

“The show is like a soap opera,” he said.

“[It’s] really the characters who are the main characters, the drama and the humor and the action are all really the people.

But it’s like a family.

And a lot can happen in a family, especially when there are problems, and a lot that’s going on, and it’s really hard to know when it’s OK to say something.

I mean, it’s very disappointing that it’s being handled that way, because that’s the way that it should be.””

And then, also, the way it’s been handled.

I mean, it’s very disappointing that it’s being handled that way, because that’s the way that it should be.”

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