Google’s search engine has been a mainstay for years, but it has seen a rapid decline in popularity over the past decade.

And its search rankings have been in decline for years.

So how is Google doing?

Here’s a look at what Google has been doing to keep its ranking in check.


Making the right calls Google’s stock has risen significantly since the early 2000s.

But it’s not clear that its stock is getting back to where it was before the crash.

The company has been investing heavily in its search algorithms, which it says is a key to making sure that its search results are relevant and useful.

But the results have been mixed at best.

According to Google Trends, search volume has decreased by nearly 10 percent over the last three years.

The same trend has been seen in other ways, too.

The amount of data that Google can generate for its search engine is shrinking as well.

According the company, that means less data for it to use.

It also says that more people are using mobile devices for search, which could mean less traffic for its algorithms.


Making money The search engine company says that the search revenue it makes from its search algorithm is “substantially more than what it earns from advertising on the web.”

But the company has acknowledged that it has been struggling to make money from the ads it pays to its own users, as well as from third parties like Google and Facebook.


Making it more affordable The search company says it will make its search products more affordable, and it has set up its own platform to help it do so.

But Google’s new website also contains an ad-supported tier that offers discounts to users.

That could mean that some users will see their Google searches cost more because they can’t see the ads.


Making more money out of the internet The search service company says there are more than 5 billion people worldwide who have search queries, and that it needs to reach those people.

But as the world’s population grows, Google’s revenue from search will likely shrink.


Getting people to use its services The search giant says it is doing all it can to help users find what they need, but says it still has some work to do.

Google is looking at ways to make its own video and audio apps, and will try to make more of its services more accessible.

It has also made improvements to its search search engine that will improve its performance for searches for health information, financial data, weather, sports and more.

But overall, the search engine’s overall performance has been declining.

It’s still the No. 1 search engine, but the decline in its popularity is a problem that could slow Google’s progress in its battle to regain its spot as the leader of search.

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