Elon Musk has long been an advocate for battery maintainors, which are the people who keep the batteries charged when they aren’t needed.

He recently joined the board of the American Battery Association, which has been promoting the idea that battery maintenance should be a key priority for battery manufacturers.

Musk’s views on battery maintainators were a topic of conversation on a podcast that he recorded last year, and his comments on the topic have since been picked up by various media outlets.

The most recent episode, in which Musk talked about how battery maintainaries can help reduce the price of a Tesla, featured a clip of him talking about his personal experiences as a battery maintain, in an effort to highlight the importance of keeping the battery in service.

But it’s a message that is more than just an anecdote.

“It’s a real way to save money, because the battery is the only thing that you have to charge on the battery,” Musk said in the video.

“If you’re going to charge it, you’ve got to keep it in service, and if you can’t keep it charged, you don’t have to buy new batteries.”

The problem with battery maintenance is that batteries are often expensive to maintain.

It costs around $5,000 per year for a 100kWh battery, which is about the same price as the current Tesla Model S battery, according to a Tesla spokesperson.

Musk explained that a maintenance cost that you can save by keeping the batteries in service is $300, and it only takes about two hours per battery to charge up to its rated capacity of 100kW.

The video below highlights a number of battery maintain’s benefits, including keeping the car running for longer.

The best battery keepers have a good track record of maintaining their vehicles and keeping the cars running as long as possible.

That’s because batteries can degrade over time and can eventually start to degrade.

“I don’t think anybody’s ever been able to do it,” Musk told the podcast.

“So the idea of a battery keep is that it’s the same for the battery and the car, because if you’re using the same battery for all of your life, it’s going to degrade.”

The Tesla Motors CEO’s comments come as Tesla has begun to take advantage of the new technology that allows the company to use batteries for autonomous driving.

It announced earlier this year that it was building an all-electric vehicle that can travel 100 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge, and the company has begun using its own battery for autonomous vehicles, including an electric truck.

Musk was also on hand at CES 2016 to show off a prototype of a new electric vehicle that he said would be capable of traveling between 100 and 200 kilometers (63 to 105 miles).

Musk is also on the verge of releasing a self-driving truck that can drive between 20 and 100 kilometers per hour, and he’s been talking about a self to car drive system.

It’s not clear when or if Tesla will be able to release that system, but Musk said he expects it will be ready by the end of 2020.

Musk has also said that he wants Tesla to build a new battery to replace the ones that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

He said that the company is still working on that project, and that it will take years for the batteries to be able be repaired.

“We’re doing something we call a battery rebuild,” Musk explained on the podcast, referring to the process of recharging a battery.

“In terms of how long it takes, I’m not sure, because I don’t know if it’s possible to do that quickly.”

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