AUSTRALIA’S government has announced plans to regulate electric car charging stations, with an emphasis on maintaining good health and maintaining an airways.

The Australian Bureau of Health and Ageing (ABC Health) said the new rules will require charging stations to have air filters and be at least 18 metres from buildings.

Air pollution is a major concern in the nation’s capital, with many locals complaining of coughing and sneezing, and residents complaining about poor air quality.

But the ABC Health has reported a significant rise in the number of Australians using electric car chargers since the new regulations were introduced.

Australia’s air quality has improved in recent years, and some air quality monitors have said they expect to see a similar trend.

In an emailed statement to the ABC, Health Minister Michaelia Cash said the government was committed to air quality regulations, and said that the new laws will help ensure that charging stations are not only a safe alternative, but also a safe and healthy alternative.

“Charging stations are a convenient alternative to traditional roadside charging,” Ms Cash said.

She said charging stations would be monitored and monitored regularly to ensure they meet the requirements of the new legislation. ABC News

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